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SISCA (Sawahlunto International Songket Carnaval) 2016

25 Aug 2016

Event Details

25 Aug 2016 - 27 Aug 2016
Cendekia Synergy - Jakarta

Theme       : The Sparkling of Songket Unifying Nations for the World

Hosted by : The Government of Sawahlunto

Supported by 

– Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Affairs

– Ministry of Home Affairs

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs

– Ministry of Industry

– Ministry of Trade

– Ministry of Cooperatives Small and Medium Enterprises

– Ministry of Tourism

– Indonesia’s Agency for Creative Economy

– BUMN / BUMD (Indonesian state owned enterprises & Local state owned enterprises)


  • To revitalize the handwoven silungkang songket as a power of creative economy which synergies with Sawahlunto’s tourism industry
  • To promote every potential Sawahlunto’s handcraft and tourism especially in the era of the ASEAN economic community
  • to develop a cultural heritage and creativity in order to gain a positive impact and to encourage craftsmen to be more creative, innovative, inspiring with their works which not only helping the country maintain its own national identity but also broader the handwoven Songket market more international