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Busan International Shoe Show (BISS) 2018

BEXCO,Busan 04 Oct 2018

Event Details

55, APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu
04 Oct 2018 - 06 Oct 2018

‘Busan, the City of Footwear, the Only International Shoe Show in Korea’
The Busan International Shoe Show held in Busan, the City of Footwear, is “the only” International Shoe Trade Show in Korea
The footwear industry in Busan has been a ‘symbol’ of local traditional industries since the 1930s and has continuously developed with high-quality footwear products and components as a center of the footwear industry in Korea.
The host, Footwear Industrial Promotion Center, is striving for the sustainable development of the footwear industry by establishing a global buyers network, facilitating R&D on core shoe materials/components, setting footwear evaluation standardization and certification system, establishing the High-tech Footwear Herb Center, training the footwear industry workforce and establishing the K-shoe Center, in which the BISS is at the center.
‘Footwear professionals’ festival, all about footwear business’
Providing exhibitors with footwear-specialized business opportunity
Facilitating B2B trade in the business: It is the only exhibition in Korea where footwear professionals gather in one place. When participating in the BISS booth, business meetings with footwear manufacturers, components companies, import/export companies or distribution companies are available for future business.
Business expansion opportunity between a footwear company and a buyer through the domestic Footwear MD Meet & Greet, the Global Footwear Business Meeting with preferred overseas buyers in the business, product briefing sessions, and famous brand shoes fashion show(The host will intensively attract 250 buyers at home and abroad for business matching.)
Top search results at Korea’s major portals: When participating in the BISS, support will be given for PR such as exhibitor’s showcase, featured articles on the BISS entry, and keyword search result in related categories.
Exhibition of high-tech footwear products for buyers at home and abroad
Korea’s footwear products such as high-quality, high-performance footwear products/materials/ shoemaking machines can be compared in one place, and support for business matching with proper footwear companies is available through various buyer support programs.
Providing various shows and hands-on experiences for visitors at home and abroad
There will be a variety of company-specific events including a footwear brand fashion show and footwear biomechanics experience.
Visitors can watch concurrent events of the Busan Fashion Week(Pret-A-Porter fashion show) and the Korea Int’l Technical Textile Exhibition in the Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO.
‘Korean Footwear Professional Meet & Greet’ for harmony
In addition to providing vivid information through trend seminars or lectures by prominent footwear professionals, the harmony and information exchange will be promoted in the footwear professionals, and the Korean Footwear Professional Meet & Greet will be held for global networking with invited VIP buyers.