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Fact Sheet: Non Alcoholic Beverage

Non-alcoholic beverages are available in the market in various forms such as fruit juices, soft drinks, ready-to-drink coffee, tea, energy drinks, bottled water, isotonic drinks, and others. The global concern for good health has motivated many people to shift from ... Read More

Export Payment Method

Several payment methods available for export import process are as follows: Method Description Risk/Benefit Exporter Importer Advance Payment Cash with order, direct payment to the exporter before the ordered goods are shipped. Interesting for the exporter because it receives the ... Read More

Fact Sheet: T-shirts

The global custom t-shirt printing market is expected to witness significant growth with increasing disposable income, shifting trends towards fashionable apparels particularly in developing nations is expected to drive the demand for custom printed t-shirts. In addition, advancement in printing ... Read More

Fact Sheet: Sports Footwear

Footwear industries have rose with a pace and recorded a green growth in the past few years across the globe. Introduction of different types of footwear for various purposes in order to maintain the well-being and lifestyle is driving the ... Read More

Trade Expo Indonesia 2016 JournalTrade Expo Indonesia 2016 Journal

Edition No. 02/October, 13 2016 Mr. President : Indonesia products must expand to the global market (more…)