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S. Korea, China to Conduct Joint Crackdown on Illegal Chinese Fishermen

South Korea and China will jointly monitor illegal Chinese fishing boats for a week beginning Friday. According to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Wednesday, patrol boats from both countries will inspect the Korea-China Interim Measures Zone in the Yellow ... Read More

IMF: S. Korea’s Income Inequality Highest Among Asian Countries

Anchor: The share of the top ten percent of income earners in South Korea is estimated to have grown to 45 percent of total earnings in the nation The rate has grown around 16 percentage points since 1995, and is now the highest ... Read More

Government Changes Logo

A new standard government logo was unveiled Tuesday with the aim of promoting a unified government identity. The new taegeuk logo, featuring blue, red and white — three symbolic colors of the Korean national flag will replace the current logo ... Read More

Government to Fund 9.2 Billion Won in Safety Products, Services

The government plans to fund nine-point-two billion won, or seven-point-seven million U.S. dollars, into the sectors of safety products and service development this year. Beginning Tuesday, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy sent out a public notification describing the ... Read More

S. Korea’s Market Share in US Keeps Growing Thanks to FTA

South Korean products captured a share of three-point-two percent in the U.S. imported goods market last year, the highest since three-point-31 percent recorded in 2000. In a report evaluating the effects of the South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement over the ... Read More

Tongyeong Oyster Tasting Event to be Held at White House

Fishery products from the southeastern coastal city of Tongyeong will be introduced at the White House as part of a promotional campaign. The city in South Gyeongsang Province said on Monday that it will hold promotional events featuring local oysters, ... Read More

Study: More than 70 Percent of S. Korean Billionaires Heirs to Wealth

A recent study has shown that more than 70 percent of South Korean billionaires inherited their wealth. A study by the U.S.-based Peterson Institute for International Economics(PIIE) said 74-point-one percent of South Korean billionaires were heirs to their wealth. The ... Read More

Korea Exchange to Encourage English Public Filings

The Korea Exchange(KRX) announced Monday that it will encourage firms to increase English-language public filings from next month. The South Korean bourse said it will not oblige firms to distribute above-par English filings but will offer relaxed penalties for firms ... Read More