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Outlook for Korean Economy in 2014

During a meeting with economic policymakers on Tuesday, Korea's Finance Minister Hyun Oh-seok reiterated the government's three-year economic innovation plan. Under the plan, the country's growth potential is expected to grow to around four percent and the annual per-capita income is ... Read More

Export and Import Prices Both Drop in December

Korea's export prices dropped to their lowest levels in more than five years last month due to the appreciation of the Korean won. The Bank of Korea said Tuesday that the country's export prices dropped two.one percent in December from the ... Read More

Trade Report: October 2013

Bali, 3 December 2013 – The trade balance is once again a surpluss. The trade balance in October 2013 experienced a surplus of USD 42.4 million, which consists of non-oil/gas trade surplus of USD 792.2 million, while the oil/gas trade ... Read More

Trade Minister Chaired The 2013 G-33 Meeting

------- G-33 Urges WTO Members to Agree on G-33 Proposal ------- Bali, 2 December 2013 – As many as 46 Ministers or their representatives including those that are also members of the G-33, today (2/12), held a meeting at Melia ... Read More

Trade Minister in G20 Meeting

G-20 Urges Developed Countries to Promptly Eliminate Export Subsidies Bali, 2 December 2013 – Indonesia and Brazil, which are both members of the World Trade Organization’s G-20, urged developed countries to eliminate export subsidies and other subsidies in the agricultural sector as was ... Read More