A local trade organization has urged South Korea to pay more attention to avoid U.S. anti-dumping moves as most of its exports to the U.S. overlap with already regulated Chinese goods.

According to a report by the Korea International Trade Association(KITA) on Tuesday, 90 percent of South Korean exports subject to U.S. anti-dumping moves are the same as Chinese products that the U.S. regulates to protect its domestic industries.

The number of these South Korean export items totals 351, 98 percent of which are steel products.

The report said that South Korean steelmakers need to pay close attention when they export steel products, on which the U.S. has yet to impose antidumping duties, as Washington has already slapped punitive tariffs on similar Chinese goods.

The report also advised that South Korean companies should be careful to avoid U.S. antidumping tariffs when they export processed goods made of regulated Chinese products.