By Park Su-Sie

Korean adults drink 1.7 cups of coffee a day on average, more than they eat mixed or white rice, statistics by the welfare Ministry and the Korean Centers for disease Control and Prevention showed Monday.

Of 3,427 men and women aged between19 and 64, men drank coffee 14,3 times a week, while women drank 9,6 times. The numbers were higher than the 6,52 times eating white rice per week and the 8.93 times eating mixed grain rice.

Those who drank coffee at least three times a day marked 24.4 percent. An other 23 percent drank coffee twice a day, while 18.7 percent drank once. Only 12 percent said they did not drink coffee at all.

The favorite side dishes among Koreans were Kimchi, rolled egg, dried and seasones laver and toasted anchovies.

Respondents also drank milk 2.34 times and ate ramen 1.14 times a day.

Among fruits, apples were the favorite at 1.64 times a day, followed by tangeries (1.20), bananas (1.02) and tomatoes (1.00)

Almost all of the respondents, or 93.8 percent said they eat a sufficient amount of food, while 6.2 percent said the sometimes suffered from a lack of food to eat due to economic difficulties.

Source : The Korea Herald Newspaper ; January 12, 2016