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Perundingan antara Korsel-AS Mengenai Kemungkinan Revisi FTA

Masa depan perjanjian perdagangan bebas FTA antara Korea Selatan dan AS, terlihat tidak pasti. Pada tgl. 22 Agustus lalu, kedua negara duduk di meja perundingan untuk membicarakan kemungkinan amandemen atau revisi perjanjian perdagangan bebas. Tapi pertemuan berakhir tanpa ada kesepakatan ... Read More

China’s consumer goods market promising for Korean firms: report

South Korean companies should find business opportunities in China's fast-growing consumer goods market that so far has been tapped mostly by cosmetic firms, an economic think tank said Sunday. A report from the Hyundai Research Institute estimated China's high-end consumer ... Read More

S. Korea’s Consumer Sentiment Falls due to N. Korean Nuke Threat

South Korea’s consumer sentiment slightly worsened this month due to concerns over North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats. According to the Bank of Korea(BOK) on Friday, the composite consumer sentiment index for August came to 109-point-nine, down one-point-three points from ... Read More

[Graphic News] China may not be the most populous country by 2024

The graph shows Asia’s demographics. By 2024, it will look very different as India’s population is all set to surpass that of China. Currently China, with a population of 1.41 billion, and India, with 1.34 billion, remain the two most ... Read More

Hyundai-Kia Motors Menempati Urutan Kedua Dalam Penjualan Mobil Ramah Lingkungan di Dunia

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Risiko dari Korea Utara dan Dampaknya pada Ekonomi Korea Selatan

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Finance minister South Korea easier environment for startups to promote innovative growth

Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon pledged Friday to remove barriers and regulatory blocks so that entrepreneurs can easily start their own business and lead the country's innovative growth. Visiting the Tech Incubator Program for Startup Town in southern Seoul, Kim said ... Read More

USTR agrees to hold FTA special session in Seoul next week

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced on Friday that the special session meeting of the Joint Committee under the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement will be held in Seoul on Aug. 22. According to a USTR press release, the upcoming ... Read More

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